Japan Announces Canadian Assistance in North Korea Monitoring

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Ministry of Defense April 28, 2018

1. With regard to illegal maritime activities including North Korea-registered vessels prohibited by the UN Security Council resolution, in addition to the United States, related countries, based on the US Army Kadena Air Base in Japan, We decided to conduct watch surveillance activities by aircraft. At the moment, Australia and Canada will dispatch patrol aircraft and are planning to engage in that activity based on the UN military status agreement.

2. Also, on April 10 this year, the British frigate ship “Sutherland” etc. from the British Defense Ministry announced that it contributes to international efforts to monitor illegal transactions at the sea of ​​North Korea.

3. As Japan, the international community is united to realize the disposal of all weapons of mass destruction and all ballistic missiles in a complete, verifiable and irreversible way of North Korea, and the United Nations Security Council Resolution We welcome these efforts from the perspective of maintaining maximum pressure on North Korea including full implementation.

4. As the Ministry of Defense and the SDF, the Maritime Self Defense Force is collecting information on vessels suspected of violating the Security Council resolution and will cooperate closely with the countries concerned.

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