Royal Canadian Navy Strengthens Ties in North Africa

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) has concluded its participation in Phoenix Express 18, a U.S. Africa Command led exercise conducted by U.S. Naval Forces Africa, North African partners, and Western partner nations to assess and improve maritime interoperability and promote national and regional security in the Mediterranean Sea region.

RCN observers and assessors were based at Maritime Operations Centres in Tunisia and Greece where they observed, assessed and acted as mentors in the area of maritime security awareness, provided expertise in maritime interdiction operations, and assisted with the development of boarding party scenarios.

The RCN participated in all three U.S. Africa Command sponsored Express serials this year, which included Cutlass Express (East Africa), Obangame Express (West Africa), and Phoenix Express (North Africa).

“It was a privilege to participate in Phoenix Express 2018 with the Royal Canadian Navy, continuing the great work and capacity building we’ve been doing around Africa this year as part of the U.S. Africa Command sponsored Express series, including Cutlass Express in East Africa, and Obangame Express in West Africa. These global leadership opportunities help strengthen relationships and partnerships with like-minded navies, and in the case of Phoenex Express also help overcome current challenges that threaten maritime security in the Mediterranean,” said LCdr Paul Smith RCN Senior RCN official, Phoenix Express 18

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