NATO Military Intelligence Committee Conference comes to a close

The NATO Military Intelligence Committee (MIC) Conference, hosted by the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command in Ottawa from 22-24 May, concluded May 24th.

The MIC Conference brought together the heads of military intelligence organizations from 29 NATO countries to discuss intelligence reforms aimed at improving support to Alliance planning, operations, and decision-making. The MIC is the principal advisory body to NATO’s Military Committee on defence intelligence issues.

The MIC is chaired by a nation’s chief of defence intelligence on one-year rotations and co-chaired by NATO’s senior intelligence leader, the Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security. Canada was appointed Chair in January 2018.

In line with the Government of Canada’s defence policy Strong Secure Engaged, as Chair of the Military Intelligence Committee, Canada holds a leadership role within NATO and is working with our allies to drive intelligence reforms that enable the Alliance to achieve accelerated decision-making in support of planning and operations.

The Minister of National Defence, delivered the keynote address to the MIC at an evening event on May 23 at the Canadian War Museum.

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