2018 Arctic Season Underway

The Canadian Coast Guard’s annual Arctic operational season is underway and includes a maiden voyage to the Arctic by the CCGS Samuel Risley. The season will run into late November, providing extended vessel presence in the Arctic.

CCGS Samuel Risley will depart July 11 from Quebec City for her maiden voyage to Arctic waters, where she will participate in Operation Pacer Goose, which is the annual resupply mission for the Thule US Air Force base in Greenland. Six other Coast Guard icebreakers deploy this season to support Coast Guard operational and program commitments, such as providing safe escorts of ships through ice-covered waters. Each vessel is equipped with knowledgeable and experienced Commanding Officers and crews.

May 25 CCGS Amundsen, departed Quebec City for BaySys (Hudson Bay System) Study

June 20 CCGS Martha L. Black, departs Quebec City for Arctic operations including Aids to Navigation

June 24 CCGS Pierre Radisson, departs Quebec City for icebreaking

July 5 CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier, departs Victoria for science programming and Aids to Navigation

July 11 CCGS Samuel Risley, departs Quebec City in support of operation Pacer Goose and to support Arctic initiatives

July 12 CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, departs Halifax for icebreaking and science programming, and to relieve the CCGS Martha L. Black

August 16 CCGS Henry Larsen, departs St. John’s, NL to conduct icebreaking

Coast Guard icebreakers are ready to assist the shipping industry during the annual Arctic resupply missions, known as “sealift”. Industry and partners have access to daily updates about ice conditions and icebreaker operations throughout the shipping season, which further enhances communication and support for activity in the North.

Throughout the season, a number of international agencies, researchers and partners, such as the Department of National Defence, the Government of Nunavut, and the Royal Canadian Navy will join our vessels to carry out new or ongoing scientific projects, technical sea trials and training operations.

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