Hometown Heroes from Nova Scotia

Vice-Admiral Harry DeWolf RCN
Born in Bedford, Nova Scotia, the late Harry DeWolf became one of the most respected naval officers in Canada’s history. A park in his hometown was named in his honor and the newest class of Royal Canadian Navy ships will bear his name.

Mrs. Martin (Malti)
A Micmac mother who worked at Foundation Maritime Ltd. shipyard in Pictou during the Second World War, Mrs. Martin performed her duties as a bolter, assembling Park Class cargo ships with her child on her back.

Mr. Norman Crewe
A Merchant Navy veteran of the Second World War, Mr. Crewe braved enemy infested waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic, delivering vital supplies to the front lines in convoys. Now 97 years young, he has actively served as a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for more than half a century.

Hometown Heroes is an initiative of Parks Canada that honours ordinary citizens, both military and civilian, who contributed to Canada’s wartime efforts.

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