Combat Management System CMS 330

Lockheed Martin Canada’s Combat Management System – CMS 330 – is a derivative of a Lockheed Martin Canada legacy product that was originally developed in Canada in the 1980’s for the original build of the Royal Canadian Navy’s HALIFAX Class ships.

CMS 330 was developed as a result of 25+ years’ experience and knowledge of Canadian and NATO naval operations. Key aspects of the system include:

  • The system was designed as a modern, affordable solution for mid-life upgrades in the international market.
  • It has an open architecture design which adapts to a variety of subsystems, reducing risk and ensuring delivery of unique customer requirements. As a result, CMS 330 is more than a combat system solution.
  • It provides for total system program performance, complete with a full suite of training systems and logistical support tailored to meet customer needs and subsystem choices.

The innovative CMS 330 and Lockheed Martin Canada’s integration methodology have proven to be a partnership model for future shipbuilding projects and has been recognized internationally. In April 2014, following an extensive worldwide competitive tender, Lockheed Martin Canada was selected over several bidders – including the incumbent – as the Prime Systems Integrator by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence to upgrade the combat systems on their ANZAC-class ships. The CMS 330 is the backbone of the technical solution for the ANZAC Class ships.

Also building on this foundation, Lockheed Martin’s combat system and integration methodology was repurposed for command and surveillance purposes on Canada’s new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships.

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