Sixth AOPS Ordered

November 2, 2018 – The Minister of National Defense announced that the Royal Canadian Navy will receive a sixth patrol ship, which will help sustain hundreds of highly-skilled middle class jobs at Irving shipyards heading into an election year. The lightly-armed ships will not be capable of combat due to their civil construction standards and instead will mostly be providing a “presence” in the Arctic outside of thick ice areas.

Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd RCN, Commander Royal Canadian Navy, said, “I could not be more pleased with the decision to proceed with the construction of the sixth AOPS. These ships will enhance the RCN’s capacity to operate in the North, while continuing to contribute to a wide range of security, humanitarian and capacity building operations at home and around the world.”

The move planned to protect the 11 seats in Parliament in Nova Scotia, many of which are vulnerable, in the 2019 federal election.

Hopefully by the time all six are in service, the near useless Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel (MCDV) will be removed from Operation Caribbe, RIMPAC and other deployments and return to their intended training role.

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