Dynamic Manta 2019 Completed

March 13, 2019 (Google Translation) – The Dynamic Manta 2019 has ended , one of NATO ‘s most important annual exercises , aimed at ensuring constant interoperability between air, surface and underwater forces in the anti-submarine struggle .

Five submarines, nine ships, eight helicopters and seven maritime patrol aircraft from Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Canada and France took part in the exercise, which began on 26 February in Catania and took place in the central Mediterranean. , Germany and the United States.

The exercise was conducted by the Commander of the Second NATO Permanent Naval Group (Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 – SNMG 2), commodore Boudewijn Boots of the Royal Netherlands Navy .

The Italian Navy was represented by the European multi-mission Alpine frigate , the Scirè submarine and helicopters of the 3rd base group in the Catania Helicopter Station (MARISTAELI Catania). Italy has also provided logistical support to the participating structures with the Augusta naval base and the Sigonella air base in Catania.

The exercises of the Dynamic Manta series represent an excellent training opportunity for the participating nations, aimed at increasing and consolidating operational capabilities among Allied marinas, through the presence of training scenarios with increasing difficulty, ranging from low to high complexity, in a context characterized by a multi-threat, while allowing to evaluate and develop new anti-submarine tactics.

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