Request for Research Assistance


I am currently researching the activities of RCN Motor Launches (MLs) defending the approaches to various harbours along Canada’s eastern seaboard during the Second World War.

As part of this effort, I am reading the Log for HMC ML-095, a scan of which for 9 August 1943 may be viewed at the link given below.

I have found repeated references in these logs to the various vessels being on “Blue Patrol”, (as can be seen in the scan at the link).

Obviously, “Blue Patrol” is some short-hand cum code for a certain activity (or area?) connected with the defences of the approaches to Halifax in WWII.

I would like to learn more about it… its details. I have tried the standard searches (both on the internet and within Library and Archives Canada’s catalogue) but without any luck… in fact, when I did so, I was inundated with references to various militia unit’s “blue patrol” jackets as part of the uniform ;-(

If anyone happens to know some details of “blue patrol” (in this context)… or any ideas as to where one might look to find such details … I would be very grateful to hear from you.

Glen R Hodgins glen.hodgins@SYMPATICO.CA

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