Is the CSC Program Dead?

July 16, 2019 – With the election style press release today from Public Services and Procurement Canada reveals something that does not bode well for the Canadian Surface Combatant program.

“The government is investing more than $7.5 billion in the Royal Canadian Navy’s 12 Halifax-class frigates to provide necessary ongoing maintenance until they are retired in the early 2040s.”

Yes, you read it correctly, 50 or more years for however many of the current frigate fleet can survive budget cuts or rust out.

Obviously this boilerplate statement is a lie: “The Canadian Surface Combatants will replace the Halifax-class frigates and the retired Iroquois-class destroyers. With them, the Royal Canadian Navy will have modern and capable ships to monitor and defend Canada’s waters, to continue to contribute to international naval operations for decades to come and to rapidly deploy credible naval forces worldwide, on short notice. Construction on the Canadian Surface Combatants is scheduled to begin in the early 2020s.”

20 years to build a replacement? Not likely.

Graphic courtesy of John Webber.

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