DDH 280 Class 5inch/54 Mounts Wear Out After 50 Years

When the construction of the four DDH280 Class destroyers commenced in Quebec in the late 1960s, the main armament choice was the Oto-Melara of Italy’s 127 mm/54 (5″) Compact. The mountings were built in 1969 and shipped to Canada.

This weapon system proved popular and was adopted by several navies around the world.

They were in service for roughly 20 years and were replaced during DDH280 modernization program in the 1990s by a 76mm mount from the same firm. It is believed Canada returned the original mounts to Oto-Melara who then resold them for the four ship Dutch LCF frigate program.

On August 8th of this year, Elsevier Weekblad Magazine reported that former Canadian weapons were no longer functional and a replacement gun is being considered.

Sometimes buying second hand equipment is just not worth it.

Iroquois photo from forposterityssake.ca and Dutch photo from Jaime Karremann/Marineschepen.nl

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