Providing the Protecteur Class With Ship-Shore Lift

September 6, 2019 – Today, the Minister of National Defence, announced a contract of approximately $12 million to acquire five ship-to-shore connector systems that will support such missions. These systems will be built in Canada by Navamar Inc.

With these ship-to-shore connector systems, ships will have an enhanced and robust capability to transfer cargo and equipment from the ship to the shore. They will enable the Canadian Armed Forces to respond more rapidly to operations and joint actions ashore.

Of the five ship-to-shore connector systems we are acquiring, four will be kept aboard the Protecteur Class, the fifth one will be available for maintenance work and be used for training. The modular and configurable ship-to-shore connectors will adapt to almost any mission. They could be used as a temporary jetty anchored to the shoreline, as a large barge to assist in ship maintenance and repair, or to perform evacuation operations. These systems could also be used for training or in support of other vessels such as MV Asterix.

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