Davie Hopes to Become Canada’s National Icebreaker Builder

September 9, 2019 – On Friday August 30 2019, bidding closed to become Canada’s national icebreaker builder. Having cemented its place over the last decade as a world-class shipbuilder and specialist in the construction and conversion of complex, mission-critical vessels for harsh environments, Davie is the only qualified and experienced shipbuilder capable of delivering the required vessels.

Pierre Drapeau, Vice President of the Davie Suppliers Association commented, “Though we have not yet received confirmation from the company nor the government, due to the fact that the original NSPS requirement criteria from 2011 was maintained, it is clear that Davie was the only compliant bidder. According to company officials, we expect to receive official confirmation anytime now.”

Drapeau went on to say, “Over the past decade, Davie has brought the Canadian shipbuilding industry back on the world map delivering a wide variety of large, complex vessels for mission-critical operations. Davie has demonstrated that it takes more than just having a shipyard to build ships. You have to be a shipbuilder. You need the people, the experience, the systems, the equipment and most importantly for our association, the working relationship with the suppliers. Today 1,079 suppliers across Canada rely on Davie’s business so this impending announcement cannot come soon enough.”

Richard Tremblay from Char-Pol, a key supplier to Davie added, “What Davie has done over the past decade has not only been good for suppliers like us, it has delivered results for the Canadian Coast Guard, Navy and Canadian taxpayers. Selecting Davie to build Canada’s next fleet of icebreakers should have happened five years ago when they first proposed to the government to build CCGS Diefenbaker. If that had happened, we would have new icebreakers on the water today and we would likely already be working on ships for export.”

Though details of the full work package are expected to be finalized in the coming months, it is expected that the initial order will consist of six heavy icebreakers of 8,000 tonnes and up to two 23,000 tonne polar icebreakers.

As Canada’s National Icebreaker Builder, Davie and its 1079 suppliers will be taking Canada to the top. Quite literally.

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