Collector Books

Five Star Seller

Halifax and the Royal Canadian Navy by John Boileau
The Dark Broad Seas : Memoirs of a Sailor with many voices Vol II by Jeffrey V. Brock
  The Thunder and the Sunshine : Memoirs of a Sailor with many voices Vol II by Jeffrey V. Brock
Uncharted Waters : A History of the Canadian Helicopter-Carrying Destroyer Second Edition by Shawn Cafferky
Canada’s Maritime Defence : Report on the sub-committee on National Defence on the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs by Canadian Senate
  War On Our Doorstep : The Unknown Campaign on North America’s West Coast by Brendan Coyle
  When Canada’s Navy Was Royal : A Caricature of the RCN and Those Who Served by Stan Davison
  Memoirs Ten Years and Twenty Days by Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz
Through a Canadian Periscope : The Story of the Canadian Submarine Service Second Edition by Julie H Ferguson
  RMS Empress of Ireland : Pride of the Canadian Pacific’s Atlantic Fleet by Derek Grout  
  The Longest Battle : The RCN in the Atlantic 1939-45 by John D. Harborn
  Occupied St John’s : A Social HIstory of a City at War 1939-45 by Steven High
   The Corvette Navy : True Stories From Canada’s Atlantic War by James B Lamb  
  Warships of the Bay of Quinte by Roger Litwiller
Oakville’s Flower : The History of HMCS Oakville
by Sean Livingston
  Salty Dips Volume One : When we were young and in our prime by Mack Lynch
  The Flying 400 : Canada’s Hydrofoil Project by Thomas G. Lynch
Gunshield Grafitti by Thomas G Lynch
  Canada’s Flowers : History of the Corvette of Canada 1939-45 by Thomas G. Lynch
  Ships of Canada’s Marine Services by Charles D. Maginley
  Canada’s Fighting Ships by K.R. Macpherson
Ships of Steel : A British Columbia Shipbuilder’s Story by T.A. McLaren
North Atlantic Run : Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle for the Convoys by Marc Milner
  The Black Pit and Beyond by J. Gordon Mumford
  Doenitz’s Last Gamble : The Inshore U-Boat Campaign 1944-45 by Lawrence Paterson
  Open Gangway by Stanley R Redman
  Engine Mechanic : Trade Manual BRCN 3033(66) by Royal Canadian Navy
  Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic by Roger Sarty
  Hostile Seas : A Mission in Pirate Waters by JL Savidge
  Navy Chaplain and His Parish by Waldo EL Smith
Canadian Warships Since 1956 by Roger G Steed