23 Years Late, Bottom Surveys for RCN Going Ahead

After 23 years have elapsed since the end of the MCDV construction program, their route survey task comes nearer to fruition.

Kraken Robotics Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a Robotics as a Service (RaaS) contract with the Canadian government for testing of Kraken’s ultra-high resolution survey equipment with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).

This $0.5 million contract is funded under the Canadian government’s Innovative Solutions Canada program, and the testing department for this service offering is the RCN’s Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic (FDU-A) based at Shearwater, Nova Scotia.

The RCN has a mandate to develop and maintain an advanced sonar imaging and data storage capability for all three coasts, and to deploy this capability to national and international areas of interest. Under the contract, Kraken will deploy its KATFISH™ towed SAS sonar system and will integrate a Kraken Light Weight SAS (LW-SAS) onboard a REMUS 100 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) owned by FDU-A.

This contract will be completed by March 31, 2022.

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