Elbit Systems’ TRAPS Trialed on Operation Nanook

Elbit Systems’ TRAPS showcase will include its innovative JackFish Projector, winch drum, receive array and tow cable, in a 20’ ISO container, to be exhibited at the outdoor area.

TRAPS is a Low Frequency (LF) variable-depth-sonar intended for detection, tracking and classification of submarines, midget submarines, surface vessels and torpedoes. Its’ “wet-end” towed arrays’ acoustic elements are a vertical projector and a receive array. TRAPS’ unique advantage is that its’ projector array is reel-able and stows on the winch drum with the receive array and tow cable. This system will allow the Royal Canadian Navy to expand the capabilities of ships like the Kingston and Henry DeWolfe Class into an anti-submarine role.

DND photo of trial during Operation Nanook in the Arctic. Notice two civilian contractors in photo.

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