After Three Weeks, RCN Updates Statement on HMCS Fredericton Fire

Early in the morning of November 18, while deployed as flagship of NATO’s Standing Maritime Group One (SNMG1) off the coast of Norway, a fire occurred in the forward engine room of HMCS Fredericton.

When the crew discovered the fire, they took action immediately and extinguished it. No one was injured.

After inspecting the ship and confirming there was no continued threat, the ship proceeded under its own power, with two Norwegian Coast Guard ship assisting, to Trondheim for inspections and repairs. Throughout the episode, Fredericton was assisted by several other NATO warships that were part of SNMG1, as well as Her Danish Majesty’s Ship Triton and the Norwegian Coast Guard.

At the time of writing, Fredericton is still alongside in Trondheim, concluding its initial investigation and planning repairs to the engine with support from back in Canada. Fredericton is expected to return home to Halifax as planned for the holiday period.

This incident is another stark reminder that, both alongside and at sea, fires in ships are a constant threat every sailor must be ready to fight.

File photo. The Norwegian Coast Guard has removed information of the fire from the web.

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