Baines Needs to Resign Over Blunder of Epic Proportions

June 14, 2021 – If it wasn’t bad enough to be golfing June 2, 2021, a work day, Vice-Admiral Craig Baines decides it would be a good idea to golf with now retired General Vance. Vance, currently under a cloud for doing nothing about sex allegations, is the last person Baines should have been with.

Is the sense of entitlement so great, that senior leadership is oblivious to the optics of poor decisions?

With the ability to speak French a requirement for senior ranks, does this narrow the field of candidates so that good choices are overlooked? Shouldn’t leadership be based on skills rather than on French language skills?

Time for the Minister of National Defense to go along with the senior leadership. They are destroying the military.

Here is the pathetic apology:

To the members of the RCN family, sailors, soldiers, aviators and public servants alike, I wanted to reach out to you to discuss recent events reported in the news about my conduct in golfing with the Vice-Chief of Defence Staff and the former Chief of Defence Staff, General (Ret’d) Vance, 2 June 2021.

I fully accept responsibility and accountability for not understanding how such a public display of support sends the wrong signal as to my commitment to lead in resolving our systemic cultural and misconduct issues. For this, I sincerely apologize.

I will be taking a few days of personal leave and Rear-Admiral Sutherland will be acting in my stead.

Vice-Admiral Craig Baines
Commander Royal Canadian Navy

US Navy photo

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