Belize & Mexico Lead Exercise TRADEWINDS 2022

The Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico, in coordination with the Government of the state of Quintana Roo, informs that from May 7 to 21 of this year, personnel and naval units will participate in the Exercise Multinational “TRADEWINDS 2022”, which will take place in the vicinity of the state of Quintana Roo.

In conjunction with the Belize Defense Force, for the first time, Mexico is co-hosting a multinational exercise, which aims to train and train personnel from more than 20 armed forces in the maritime, land and Combined Staff phases. foreigners and the Mexican Navy.

It should be noted that in this edition, the exercise focuses on countering the threats executed in field training and a multinational command post.

The Mexican Navy heads the maritime phase in Cozumel; Similarly, the riverside operations in the Hondo River, in Chetumal; as well as the Humanitarian Aid Exercise in Playa del Carmen.

TRADEWINDS 2022, is a multinational exercise organized by the Southern Command of the United States of America. It has been held annually since 1984 in various venues and its main objective is to increase regional security in the Caribbean Sea area, through the cooperation of naval, military and security forces of the invited countries.

Among the participating nations and foreign forces are: Belize, Canada, Colombia, the United States of America, Guyana, Jamaica, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic and Suriname, among others.

It is important to remember that the Mexican Navy has participated in six of these exercises, with its first participation in 2014 and the last in 2019.

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