Book Review: E-Boat Threat

By Bryan Cooper
Pen & Sword Military
Pages: 138
ISBN: 9781473827837
Published March 2015

For some reason unknown, the British referred to German S Boat motor torpedo boats of the Second World War as E-boats. The speed and firepower of these German craft were a bit of a shock and caused Britain to radically revamp their own craft in order to fight them.

During the war, Britain relied heavily on convoys of cargo ships along their eastern seaboard. The E-boats were unleashed on these convoys during some ferocious night actions. Underarmed British craft of the same type were unable to keep the convoys safe, forcing the use of destroyers, patrol vessels and frigates (some with RCN personnel) to escort the convoys. These ships had increased firepower and were normally fitted with a bowchaser gun to engage the E-boats.

The book is illustrated, with captions that at times are of awkward construction and/or repetitive.

All in all, not a bad book and is worth reading.

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