Canadian Industry Leaders Launch Consortium to Provide Made-in-Canada Propeller Shaftline System Solution to Major Vessels under the National Shipbuilding Strategy

July 13, 2020 – Thordon Bearings Inc., Dominis Engineering Ltd. and Patriot Forge Co., three world-class, family-owned and operated high-performance manufacturing businesses in Ontario, today announced they have joined forces as a consortium to provide fully integrated and complete vessel shaftline systems. All three companies have a long track record of supplying individual components to Canadian, American and global navies and coast guards.

The consortium will be led by Thordon Bearings, a global leader in propeller shaft bearings and seals whose products have been used on over 850 vessels across 40 navies and coast guards worldwide.

The consortium is focused on supplying in-progress and future vessels included as part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy with its finished product, “the Canadian Integrated Shaftline System” (CISS). The CISS includes all of the necessary components needed for both large and small navy and coast guard vessels’ main shaftlines, using an entirely made-in-Canada solution including the propeller itself (Dominis Engineering Ltd.), the propeller shaft and couplings (Patriot Forge Co.), and the shaft bearings, coatings and bulkhead seals that provide efficient and environmentally sustainable operations of the shaftline (Thordon Bearings Inc.).

At a time when domestic jobs and the resiliency of global supply chain solutions are being tested in extraordinary ways, the consortium provides an opportunity to generate and showcase a “sovereign” industrial capability that, when leveraged as part of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy, will sustain hundreds of high-skilled Canadian manufacturing jobs while also creating many new full-time positions here in Canada. While parts of the shaftlines on Canadian Coast Guard and Navy vessels currently have been supplied domestically, never before has a complete, made-in-Canada shaftline system been available.

All three consortium partners have the proven experience and expertise in supplying navies around the world and in Canada for major shipbuilding initiatives. Simply put, their combined value is unmatched in Canada. Moreover, there is a strong desire to be part of the solution to support the country’s COVID-19 economic response and recovery, as key players in the critically-important Canadian manufacturing sector. The consortium looks forward to working with the Government of Canada, Canadian shipyards and their major suppliers to ensure that the CISS is given equal and fair consideration to supply Canada’s future, highly critical navy and coast guard ships.

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