Davie Releases Proposal for an Actual JSS

October 7, 2020 (Facebook Translation) – Here is the global logistical, aerial and medical support platform. The G-LAM concept faces current and future, domestic and global threats and challenges, allowing Canada to play a greater role on the international scene and truly project the government’s foreign policies.

Addressing the shortcomings in the future capacity of the Royal Canadian Navy, the G-LAM is designed to support joint operations with the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force by offering:

• enhanced air capacity for combat, logistics and humanitarian operations
• strong humanitarian and disaster relief capacity (HADR) in the form of accommodation, medical facilities, logistics and supply.
• improved capacity for counter-terrorism operations, traffickers and piracy
• Canada’s only rolling freight carrier for the transportation of armored vehicles and other vehicles necessary for combat, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations
• a truly global platform capable of performing polar operations

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