First Social Media Post With Over One Million Views for SeaWaves Press

November 6, 2020 – SeaWaves Press is pleased to announce a Facebook posting on October 3, 2020 has now had almost 1.2 million views. The image is to honor veterans of military service for the contributions they have made to the safety and liberty we enjoy today.

SeaWaves Press was founded in 1995 to specialize in works of naval and nautical history as well as current events.

SeaWaves Press publishes SeaWaves Magazine and Maple Leaf Navy Magazine with the former specializing current naval news from around the world and latter features Canadian naval news “past, present and future” and have developed a loyal following.

SeaWaves Press books are devoted to naval history and provide a place for lovers and students of naval history an affordable platform for learning.

Our label Huron Press is source for veterans, family and friends to publish their memories in book form. We can transform your old photo album into book form to share with your loved ones or to offer for sale. Huron Press is an affordable option for persons considering a self-publishing company, most of which end up costing you costing you thousands of dollars and a huge supply of books to sell on your own.

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