Flag Officer Announcements

May 14, 2021 – Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre, Acting Chief of the Defence Staff, has announced additions to the list of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) General and Flag Officer senior appointments and promotions for 2021.

Promotions and Assignments

Captain J.S. Armstrong RCN will be promoted Commodore and appointed Chief of Staff Operations, Chief of Military Personnel, in Ottawa, replacing Brigadier-General S.Y. Menard.

Commodore M.T.J. Kurtz RCN will be appointed Commandant Royal Military College, in Kingston, replacing Brigadier-General S. Bouchard.

Rear-Admiral S.E.G. Bishop RCN will be promoted Vice-Admiral and appointed Military Representative of Canada to NATO, in Brussels, Belgium, replacing Lieutenant-General F.J. Allen;

Commodore A.I. Topshee RCN will be promoted Rear-Admiral and appointed Commander Maritime Forces Pacific, in Esquimalt, replacing Rear-Admiral J.R. Auchterlonie RCN;

Captain D.E. Mazur RCN will be promoted Acting While so Employed Commodore and appointed Commander Canadian Fleet Pacific, in Esquimalt, replacing Commodore A.I. Topshee RCN.

Retirements 2021/22

Rear-Admiral C.S. Earl RCN
Commodore A.J. Clarke RCN
Commodore M.J.M. Halle RCN

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