French Navy Recovers Shells from Destroyer Sunk by HMCS Haida and Huron

The “Atlantique” Demining Divers Group (GPD) intervened from 12 to 14 October 2021 on ammunition found on the island of Batz. This intervention led to the discovery of the wreckage of a German WWII destroyer, still containing a large number of explosive ordnance.

In the 1st time, the GPD conducted the research to be sure to identify all the ammunition on the coast. Clearance divers unearthed 38 German high explosive shells, totaling 1.5 tonnes of ammunition.

In a 2nd time the team moved the unprimed ammunition and destroyed them to secure the site.

Finally, the operations carried out on the wreckage of the destroyer made it possible to discover a hundred ammunition which will be processed subsequently with other means.

These operations were made particularly complex by the proximity of the coastal area of ​​the Île de Batz, a dangerous area characterized by strong currents.

This operation, which clearance divers regularly carry out, illustrates the role of the armies which are at the heart of the national defense and security system for our citizens and our territory.

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