FS Aquitaine in Exercise Cutlass Fury 21

At the invitation of Canada, the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Aquitaine has been participating since September 7 in the 2021 edition of the CUTLASS FURY maritime exercise. This combined training is the largest annual multi-battle exercise for the Canadian Navy on the Atlantic coast. This type of exercise makes it possible to strengthen operational partnerships and interoperability in very specific fields, such as anti-submarine warfare, for example.

Nearly 1,200 Canadian, American and French sailors met first in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to review the program for this exercise one last time, which will push the crews to their limits. operational capacities: anti-aircraft warfare exercises, anti-submarine warfare, anti-ship warfare and visit operations.

After the briefing phase in port, the first maneuvers at sea began to follow one another at a sustained pace. This first phase of training, carried out with allied nations, was intended to test all of the building’s operational capabilities, to demonstrate the interoperability of NATO’s allied forces and to draw valuable tactical lessons.

In the coming days, the Aquitaine crew will be tasked with demonstrating French know-how in anti-submarine warfare: alternating the roles of “hunter” and “hunted”, alone or in cooperation.

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