Joint Statement – Five Eyes nations defence ministers

October 16, 2020 – Defence Secretary Ben Wallace yesterday evening took part in a videoconference of defense ministers from the Five Eyes nations, chaired by Canada’s Minister of National Defence.

Mr Wallace joined defense ministers from Australia, Canada, and the United States. New Zealand were represented by a senior official, due to the ongoing New Zealand general election.

Ministers highlighted the long-standing and trusted collaboration in intelligence among Five Eyes partners, and reaffirmed their commitment to advance defense and security cooperation to protect shared interests and values.

Ministers discussed current and future international initiatives, and considered how the Five Eyes might increase cooperation to address shared global security challenges. They concluded the meeting by sharing their respective engagement strategies in the Indo-Pacific region and identified ways to better coordinate efforts.

Ministers underscored the importance of meeting regularly to discuss defense issues and strengthen mutual support, and committed to convening again in the near future.

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