New Commanding Officer for Cormoran

August 1, 2020 (Google Translation) – On Thursday July 30, 2020, Commander Frédéric Louvot – head of the Cherbourg branch of the naval action force had Lieutenant Pauline Cartou recognized as the new commander of crew A of the public service patrol vessel (PSP ) Cormorant . She succeeds Lieutenant (Navy) Amin Salhi. The Cormorant also benefits from an HR evolution with a double-crew shift, like its sistership the Flamant in 2019. The B crew commander will be recognized later.

Presentation of the career of Lieutenant Pauline Cartou – commander of the A crew of the PSP Cormoran :

Lieutenant Pauline Cartou joined the Naval School in 2008. She took part in the second Joan of Arc mission on an amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA), aboard the Mistral and the anti-submarine frigate Georges Leygues , where it is assigned the specialty “operations – fighting under the sea”.

In 2011, she was assigned to the PSP Pluvier in Cherbourg, where she will occupy the functions of operations officers then second in command. There, she discovered the State’s action missions at sea and more particularly the fisheries police. During her assignment to the Plover , she was called upon to divert an offending fishing vessel.

In 2014, she became head of the “naval aviation” sector on the Aquitaine multi-mission frigates (FREMM) where she participated in the end of the unit’s operational qualifications before being admitted to active service, as well as in the first operational deployments of this latest generation frigate including the Arromanches 2 mission .

She graduated from the underwater combat system school in 2017, and was assigned as deputy head of the underwater warfare service (LSM) on the FREMM Bretagne, which was then armed in Lorient. In the summer of 2018, she took on the duties of LSM department head and shunting officer on board the FREMM Provence. In 2019, she moved to Lorient for the armament of the first air defense FREMM in Alsace , where she held the dual functions of head of the LSM service and deputy crew commander.

For LV Pauline Cartou, it is a great pride to embark again on PSP as a commander: “ it is a particular emotion to command a unit to which one has already been assigned: knowledge of the environment but necessary questioned because everything is not as we have known it. In addition, each crew is unique and the first objective is to bring them together around the mission. Thus, this return to Cherbourg will not be without new features and challenges to take up! “.

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