Operation NANOOK 2021 Begins in Canada’s Arctic

From August 3 to September 12, 2021, approximately 250 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel will take part in Operation (Op) NANOOK 2021, which will be executed in several communities along the Northwest Passage and the Davis Strait.

Alongside northern partners and allies, such as the United States Coast Guard, the CAF will conduct a series of activities designed to exercise the defense of Canada and to secure Canada’s northernmost regions. Through land, air and maritime presence activities, to maritime domain defense and security exercises, the CAF will work collaboratively with other government departments and agencies, and domestic and international partners to enhance collective abilities to respond to safety and security issues in Canada’s North.

This summer, Op NANOOK will comprise three distinct operations:

Op NANOOK-TUUGAALIK: Davis Strait, August 3-10

A maritime defense domain and security exercise off the coast of Labrador and Baffin Island, designed to assist the CAF in building capacity in Canada’s northern regions.

Op NANOOK-TATIGIIT: Davis Strait, August 10-15

An interagency territorial exercise engaging other government departments and agencies in a response to a major incident in the North.

Op NANOOK-NUNAKPUT: Northwest Passage, August 9 – September 12

A series of presence activities along the Northwest Passage so as to demonstrate Canada’s capability to deploy forces in the Arctic as well as build the CAF’s domain awareness of the region.

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