OSI to Modernize ECPINS User Interface through Development Partnership

OSI Maritime Systems (OSI), a leading provider of integrated naval navigation and tactical
solutions, has announced a UI Refresh Development Partnership with the Royal Danish Navy (RDN).

This partnership involves OSI’s User Experience team consulting with RDN expert users to design, assess, and test a thoroughly modernized user interface for OSI’s flagship software product, ECPINS. This work involves evaluating the users’ journey from initial system engagement and training to real-time system activation and use in the operation theatre. OSI’s team is applying modern interface design and development techniques which include joint requirements and design workshops.

“We feel fortunate to be teaming with the RDN on such an important project,” stated Ken Kirkpatrick, President & CEO. “ECPINS has been a cornerstone of OSI’s success and reputation. It is very fitting that we are making ECPINS even better by partnering with one of our longest-standing customers.”

The modernized user interface, which will debut as ECPINS Generation 8, is designed to optimize access to all of ECPINS powerful capabilities while reducing the operator’s cognitive load. For customers, Generation 8 is expected to improve user performance, reduce training costs, and speed adoption of the software by new users.

“The UI Refresh program is one initiative among many new product introductions, such as our Mission
Management module and NOMAD for augmented situational awareness and remote reach back,” said Jim
Davison, VP, Business Development. “OSI has been serving the naval market for over 20 years, and we continue to keep pace with the most current technologies, thus offering our customers advanced navigation and tactical solutions.”

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