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Book Review: E-Boat Threat

By Bryan Cooper Pen & Sword Military Pages: 138 ISBN: 9781473827837 Published March 2015 For some reason unknown, the British referred to German S Boat motor torpedo boats of the Second World War as E-boats. The speed and firepower of these German craft were a bit of a shock and caused Britain to radically revamp their own craft in order to fight them. During the war, Britain relied heavily on convoys of cargo ships along their eastern seaboard. The E-boats were unleashed on these convoys during some ferocious night actions.…

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2020 News 

Code breaker Olive Bailey played pivotal role in ending Second World War

June 16, 2020 – For decades Olive Bailey kept her work during the Second World War and the pivotal role she played in bringing it to an end a secret. She was a young woman living through the Blitz (the German bombings on London and Wales), studying mathematics at the University of London and working in a factory making engines for Halifax bombers. She even survived a direct hit on her workplace and was dug out from the rubble. Then in 1942, British Intelligence assigned her to work at Bletchley…

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