US Navy Locates HMCS Fredericton CH-148 Cyclone Wreckage

May 27, 2020 – In the early morning of May 27, 2020, a combined Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and United States Navy (USN) search and recovery team arrived at the CH-148 Cyclone crash site, which is approximately 220 nautical miles east of Catania, Sicily.

The REMORA III remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) then dove to a depth of 3143 meters and quickly located a large piece of the fuselage. Remains of our fallen CAF personnel were also found in the vicinity of the wreckage.

Over the next hours and days, the recovery team will continue their search for both our fallen and additional pieces of the wreckage. We remain committed to staying on site for as long as necessary.

Underwater Solutions Worldwide photo

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